Thursday, February 17, 2011

Much Better

So, after a visit to the doctor to address my physical issues, I am doing much better mentally. I have decided I have plenty of time before Tetra retires, and I am not going to worry so much about it at the moment. I am just going to enjoy our time together, and in a year or two I will re-start my search for either a compatible service dog program or a good, reputable breeder. Then I will have a few years after that to start saving money for future dog. Maybe, just maybe, I can work it to where I can afford two dogs. For now, I am trying to wrap my head around something I have heard several times-an argument against vesting a service dog because it draws attention to the persons disability. To me, just having a dog in a non-pet friendly place is going to draw attention to you, vest or no vest. I choose to always vest because it makes it clear to the public that yes, this is a working dog and it is supposed to be here helping me.

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